Thursday, December 25, 2008

Katelyn 1986 - 2008

I'm so sad to say that my cousin's daughter, died this morning three years after receiving a double lung transplant. She was born 22 years ago with Cystic Fibrosis and didn't let it hold her back. One of the last times I saw her was at a horse show. She had a pony that she raced on and I swear that she could make it fly, they moved so fast! She was an incredibly talented equestrian.

In 2004 she was listed in Teen People magazine as one of the 20 Teens Who Will Change the World, it is definitely a better place for her having been here. Here she is in an episode of Seventh Heaven talking about her transplant and raising awareness about CF. And now I'm going to go hug my kids and count my blessings.


Jaz said...

Im shocked. It's so very sad. I didn't know she was falling ill lately, I think this is so sad. Im so very very sorry to Randy, the Rosman's and entire family. I dont know what to say. Im so very sorry. :(

Katelyn was a beautiful girl who really battled her illness, she took it by the reigns and she drove it as far as she could. She will be sadly missed. RIP Katelyn.

I send my sincere condolences and prayers to her family & her friends.

Anonymous said...

What a terribly tragedy! Words fail me as I'm still in shock from hearing this sad news. My sincere condolences & heartfelt sympathy go out to Mack, Chandler & Donna Rosman, to Katelyn's father Randy and to all of their other family members.

When Katelyn's MySpace page was still public, I remember reading many posts from her friends thanking her for helping them out in their time of need, whatever that need might have been. It seems that she was their "go to" person whenever they were feeling sad & blue. She had a zest for life and an infectious sense of humour that could put a smile on anybody's face, no matter how sad they might be feeling. I take comfort from the fact that for the 3 years since her surgery, she lived her life to the fullest and felt free from pain & suffering for maybe the first time in her life.

She will be sorely missed. May her soul rest in peace now that her suffering is over. May all who read this be inspired to give of their time, talents & money to the Cystic Fibrosis Society to further research which might someday lead to a cure to this awful killer!!!

Katie said...

this is so sad, knowing that this could happen to me. i also suffer from CF, and this is just terrifying.

R.I.P. Katelyn.

Anonymous said...

Omgoodness. I am so shocked. What happened? May she rest in peace.

Janey said...

This is awful news! I thought the transplant 3 years ago would have given her a longer, healthier life. My heart goes out to Katelyn's family & friends.

Gillian said...

I met Katelyn at Dreamstreet Camp. She touched all of us so deeply with her courage. I can't believe that she is gone!! I will am relieved to know that she will be there waiting when my time comes.
Love to all who know Katelyn,

Anonymous said...

She was a amazing kid.
and she did lots of things
that were like wow know
knew at that age you could
be a role model. even though
i didn't know her personally
it makes me want to cry.
i will always remember
the things she did for people.
RIP katelyn salmont

Sam said...

this is really sad!
She was Mack Rosman's cousin.
Katelyn was beautiful and I didn't know she was that sick.
I know she will be missed.
Condolences to her family!

RIP Katelyn

Anonymous said...

My name is Anthony Waldrum and I live in Seattle, Wa. I didn't even know Katelyn but she has inspired me to live my life to fullest. It seems she was never down and never took her life for granted, and I feel I have. Her story and her life have definitely made me want to live every minute to the best I can. It saddens me deeply that I could not have written this to her when she was alive. I watched every episode of 7th Heaven even the episodes with Katelyn. They were touching to say the least. My heartfelt sorry and condolences go out to Mack and her and Katelyns entire family. RIP Katelyn Salmont

Anonymous said...

What did she die from?

Anonymous said...

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daniel john said...

It seems that she was their "go to" person whenever they were feeling sad & blue.

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soulsavivor said...

Katelyn Salmont was a beautiful girl and Mackenzie Rosman's stepsister. I cried that episode of 7th Heaven playing herself. I may not know who she is in person, but I know that she was a lovely girl. My HEART goes out to the Salmont/Rosman family!!
09/07/86 -12/25/08